Furniture Care Top Tips

Furniture Care Top Tips
September 18, 2019 Lloyd
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Lasting longer

Furniture isn’t just a purchase – it’s an investment. It is a considered purchase that is meant to be used for quite some time. We don’t buy into the throwaway economy – our furniture is built to last, and with the help of our top tips you can make sure your furniture stays in great condition. We’ve even made you a free Furniture Care guide that you can download at the bottom of this post!

#1 – Keep out of direct sunlight

The sun can bleach wood and can also fade fabrics. Try to position furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid this from happening so quickly.

#2 – Wipe up spills quickly

We know accidents happen! If you spill something on your wood furniture, wipe it up immediately to avoid the liquid soaking in or marking the top.

If you spill something on your upholstery, blot it immediately with a damp cloth. Don’t rub it – you will only make it worse!

#3 – Don’t drag it

If you are moving your furniture, don’t push or pull it along the floor as this can damage the furniture as well as the floor itself. Instead get somebody to help you to lift it.

#4 – Hoover your sofa regularly

Yes, really! This helps by removing dust, crumbs and any other debris that sits on and below the surface. Don’t forget to remove the cushions and hoover underneath them too – you never know how much spare change you’ll find!

#5 – Try not to let pets on your furniture

Being a dog owner, I know this is often easier said than done! If dogs or cats get up on the sofa, they can scratch leather, pull threads out of fabrics and of course cover it with fur!

If you really can’t keep Rover down, placing a throw over the sofa will protect it.

#6 – Use the right polish

To polish Wood Bros furniture, use a high quality beeswax polish with no silicone. We do have tins of Old Charm approved polish for sale – please contact our sales team on 01920 469241 for more information.

#7 – Move your ornaments around

Over time your wood furniture will become lighter as the sunlight shines upon it. To ensure you don’t get dark patches you should move your ornaments around so that the surface lightens evenly.

#8 – Professional cleaning

We recommend letting a professional clean your sofa every so often as they have the tools and the knowledge to clean the material properly whilst leaving it in place.

#9 – Use coasters and placemats

Putting hot or wet items directly on the wood can warp, discolour or otherwise damage it. Using placemats and coasters helps to protect the wood and keeps it looking as good as possible.

#10 – Enjoy it!

Our furniture is strong and sturdy enough to be used often whilst being beautiful enough to be appreciated. Enjoy it and show it off to your friends!

Get your free guide

Click here to download your free Furniture Care Guide

furniture care, tiptops on furniture care

Spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent staining

furniture care, Old Charm Beeswax

Only use good quality beeswax with no silicone for cleaning. Call 01920 469241 for more information on our Old Charm approved beeswax

furniture care, old charm furniture care

Do not place hot items directly on the wood - use placemats or coasters for protection

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