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On Wednesday 21st August we had a fire in our storage warehouse. This has affected some items of our Factory Outlet. We are currently still assessing the damage, so for all enquiries relating to our Factory Outlet stock please call us on 01920 469241.

View a great selection of clearance items across cabinet furniture and upholstery. These items are ex-display, returns and seconds, and are available for collection (Mon-Fri) or delivery to mainland UK for an additional fee.

Please ensure you visit the factory outlet at our site on Marsh Lane, Ware, SG12 9HQ, and view the items as all products are sold as seen. If you are looking for new furniture in a specific fabric or finish then please visit your local retailer.

We also have some of our old and discontinued fabrics still to hand, which may be used on request. To find out more, please contact us.

For more information simply email us at [email protected] or call us on 01920 469241.

Wood Bros Factory Outlet Clearance List

Last Updated: 2019-09-25 08:50:55

Model/FabricCodeDescriptionCommentsWood FinishQtyRRPWBFO PriceSold   
BLK1400BT30APGOBlakeney Armchair in Pimlico GoldEx-displayTudor Brown Traditional1929419SOLD
BLK1400LT30ABAXBlakeney Armchair in BaxterEx-displayLight Oak Traditional2929499
BLK2000LT30ASADBlakeney Armchair in Saffron DiamondDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional1929699
BLK2000LT30BCOWBlakeney Compact Sofa in Cowes NauticDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional11439419
BRN1400LT30BWELBurnham Armchair in Wentworth LinenEx-displayLight Oak Traditional1929399
BRN1400LT30CTGEBurnham Armchair in Taupe GeometricEx-displayLight Oak Traditional1959499
CHA2524VT00YFGRChateau Dining Chairs in Forest Green HideDiscontinuedVintage Traditional616089
FRM0003WXFrame Kitchen IslandEx-displayWaxed Oak11439699
FRM0004WX/FRM0005WXFrame Three-Door Sideboard & Three-Door Dresser TopEx-displayWaxed Oak12338699
FRM0006WXFrame BookcaseEx-displayWaxed Oak11019399
FRM0008WX, FRM0019, STR935 and FRM2899Frame 5ft Extending Dining Table, Bench with Seatpad in Wisteria Storm, 1 Dining Chair in Wisteria Storm and 2 in Hathaway BiscuitEx-displayWaxed Oak129841924
FRM0012WXFrame Shelf 600mmDiscontinuedWaxed17950
FRM0013WXFrame Shelf 900mmDiscontinuedWaxed111950
FRM0016WXFrame Coffee TableDiscontinuedWaxed1449159
FRM0017WXFrame Side TableEx-displayWaxed Oak1269169
FRM0017WXFrame Lamp TableDiscontinuedWaxed126950
FRM0019LTFrame Bench 1500mmDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional1519259
FRM0019WXFrame Bench 1500mmDiscontinuedWaxed1519259
FRM0020WXFrame Large Coffee TableEx-displayWaxed Oak1379
FRM0021WXFrame Chest of DrawersDiscontinuedWaxed1599199
FRM0022WXFrame Console TableDiscontinuedWaxed1899279
HED2616VT & HE6021VTHertford 2 Door Sideboard and 2 Door Dresser TopDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11678799
HED6024VTHertford Writing TableDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1589179
HED6031VTHE Narrow Bookcase with Magazine RackDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1689429
HEM1400VT30BCHIHemsby Armchair in Chichester NauticDiscontinuedVintage Traditional21009339
HEM2300VT30CWINHemmingway Loveseat in Willington NauticDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11339429
HEM2600VT30AHAOHemsby Medium Sofa with Harringey OatmealDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11699149SOLD
HIG0018PRHint Bookcase with DrawersDiscontinuedPolar1899349
HIG0026NTHint Sofa TableDiscontinuedNatural117979
LAV1110LT40AMSELavenham Benchstool in Manor SepiaDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional1609149
LAV1400LT40BSUBLavenham Armchair in SubwayEx-displayLight Oak Traditional21019329
LAV1400LT40DLFLLavenham Armchair in Loxley FloralEx-displayLight Oak Traditional11269329SOLD
LAV2300FT40AWHCLavenham Loveseat in Whisper ChalkDiscontinuedFumed Oak Traditional11239399
LAV2300LT40APGOLavenham Loveseat in Pimlico GoldEx-displayLight Oak Traditional11239399
LAV2600BT30BWELSPEWLavenham Medium Sofa in Wentworth Linen and Tuscany PewterDiscontinuedTudor Brown Traditional12329599
LAV2600BT40ALPPLavenham Medium Sofa in Loxley Pastel PlainDiscontinuedTudor Brown Traditional11649499
LAV2600LT40BTEFLavenham Medium Sofa in Teal FloralDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional11719549
LAV2600VT30BXXXSPEWLavenham Medium Sofa in Grade B Fabric Not In Swatch and Tuscany PewterDiscontinuedVintage Traditional12329599
LD2946CNHall TableDiscontinuedCorn2569259
MAL1400WX30EPMUMalham Armchair in Plaid Multi (Moon)Ex-displayWaxed11089819
OCH2440NT10OC TV UnitColour variationNatural1879399
OCH2472LTOC Aldeburgh Dining TableColour variationLight Oak11609999
OCH2802VT00BLGOOC Upholstered Dining Chair in Lyndhurst GoldEx-displayVintage Traditional5339199
OCH2926LTOC Buckingham TableLight Oak TraditionalLight Oak Traditional2489899
OCH2441LTOld Charm Corner TV CabinetEx-displayLight Oak Traditional11329399
OCH2657LTOld Charm Hall TableDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional1375179
OCH2657VTOC Hall TableDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1375159
OCH2666VTOld Charm Bookcase Open 3 Wooden ShelvesEx-displayVintage Traditional11109319
OCH2755FTOld Charm TV BaseEx-displayFumed Oak Traditional11139349
OCH27932CH10Old Charm Low Bookcase with Traditional FittingsDiscontinuedChestnut Heritage11009757
OCH2793FTOld Charm Low Open Bookcase with Artisan FittingsDiscontinuedFumed Oak Traditional11389389
OCH2796CTOC Corner CabinetEx-displayChestnut Traditional12799499
OCH2799FT10Old Charm DVD Cabinet with Artisan FittingsEx-displayFumed Oak Traditional1579199
OCH2829CH10Old Charm Pedestal CabinetDiscontinuedChestnut Heritage1879659
OCH2903VTOC Windsor ArmchairEx-displayVintage Traditional1559139
OCH2950BHOld Charm Windsor Dining ChairSlight colour variationTudor Brown Heritage3529119
OCH2950CHOld Charm Windsor Dining ChairSlight colour variationChestnut Heritage2529119
OCH3172LHOC Rug ChestDiscontinuedLight Oak Heritage1799309
PTP17048PTP - Weybourne Armchair in Black Coral FabricPrototypeLight Oak Traditional1399249
WEY1400BT40CHARWeybourne Armchair in Harlequin RubyEx-displayTudor Brown Traditional11109349
WEY1400CT40ABAAWeybourne Armchair in Baxter AmberDiscontinuedChestnut Traditional1949299
WEY1400LT40AHANWeybourne Armchair in HanoverEx-displayLight Oak Traditional1949299
WEY2000CT40AMOUWeybourne Compact Sofa in Moulton AmberEx-displayChestnut Traditional11459449
WEY2900BT40CZANWeybourne Large Sofa in ZanzibarDiscontinuedTudor Brown Traditional11949599
WEY2900VT40BZAPWeybourne Large Sofa in Zanzibar PlainDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11789599